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White Label Reputation Management Software

With voices and reviews growing online, business reputation requires constant, hands-on involvement to ensure a positive reputation; and we are your expert team to help!

Public perception of your brand online is more important than ever as consumers increasingly turn to reviews and social media posts to form an opinion of a company. When negative messages about your business are spread online, it can seriously damage your bottom line. 

Online Reputation Management is a broad umbrella term that is used to describe the collection of strategies put into place to prevent and recover from issues that may harm their online brand. White online label reputation management involves an outside agency overseeing this process and another firm reselling it as their own.

With our white label reputation management services and tools, you can make sure that you control the message and the image that you present is a positive one.

White Label Reputation Management Software

White label Reputation management software is a powerful tool that allows you to monitor online reviews about your brand, get alerts when new reviews are posted, and respond to both negative and positive posts in the most effective way possible.

Our reputation management software gives you the tools that you need to protect your brand and solidify your online presence.

A Simple Solution For All Businesses

Using our simple white label online reputation management software is quick and easy. Having all of the information about your online presence collected in one place makes it possible to develop a comprehensive strategy based on the data and we give you the tools necessary to manage your brand, without the need for extensive training or expert knowledge.

All The Tools To Get Started With SEOReseller’s Online White Label Reputation Management

What’s the easiest way to monitor what people are saying about your business? With our white label reputation management dashboard.

Our dashboard is an intuitive, simple interface that combines all of the insights and tools that we offer. It has a wide range of features you can use to start getting on top of your reputation today. Simply upload your campaign and you are ready to get started.

  • Sign up for free and start using the dashboard.
  • Add your campaigns to reputation management services.
  • Start growing your business and improving your public image immediately.

How to Sign Up

If you want to regain control of your brand, signing up to our  white label online reputation services couldn’t be easier!

Get Started for Free

Sign up for free and get instant access to the dashboard

Create A Campaign

Use the simple tools on the dashboard to create a new campaign

Subscribe to Pro Features

Get a pro feature subscription to unlock the full potential of our white label reputation management services and start making significant changes to your brand

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Comprehensive White Label Online Reputation Management Services For Your Business: 

Create listings, monitor online reviews, and get feedback for your brand. . .  all on your white label reputation management dashboard.


Take Control of Online Business Listings.

Online directories are an excellent marketing opportunity for businesses. The information that you include in directories is the information that Google uses to determine your search rankings, so positive reviews and citations can have a significant impact on how people find you online. On top of this, local listings are an important part of your brand’s identity.

People often check online directories when searching for a business, and they are instantly presented with a number of reviews. Our white label online reputation management allows you to manage all of the directories that you are listed on, so you can make sure you’re not missing an opportunity to reach new customers.

  • Check and verify listings’ details.
  • Keep information about your business up to date.
  • View listings across all available directories.

Online Reviews

Monitor Reviews from all the Top Review Sites

Online reviews have a huge impact on your reputation. In fact, 93% of customers read online reviews before making a purchase. So, if you have negative reviews, it’s vital that you address them immediately before they damage your revenue streams. Bad reviews don’t necessarily equate to lost sales, but you do need to be aware of negative feedback so you can respond to it properly.

With so many different review sites out there, businesses must work hard to monitor them all. But our dashboard makes it easy for you by collecting reviews in one place.

  • Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp reviews are all integrated with the dashboard.
  • Always know what customers are saying – positive and negative – so you can respond appropriately.

Customer Experience

Easily request feedback about customer experience to increase your credibility

Consumers have more trust in the recommendations of other consumers than they do in your promotional materials. That’s why customer feedback is one of the greatest reputation management tools at your disposal. Our white label online reputation services include a customer experience feature that allows you to proactively gather customer feedback and use it to improve your credibility.

  • Simple feedback requests only take minutes to complete.
  • Customize email sequences to customers.
  • Build better credibility for your business.


Track the digital footprint that your business leaves online

You’d be surprised how often you are mentioned in social media posts, comments, and searches. Understanding where you are being mentioned and by who helps you build a picture of your reputation. Crucially, it can alert you to any problems and tell you if people are discussing your business in relation to specific keywords. Using our dashboard, you can track mentions across the web and collect them in a simple-to-read format.

  • See total mentions for today, the last week, or the last 2 weeks.
  • Search for keyword mentions.
  • Create a detailed breakdown of all web mentions.
  • Show all of the different platforms where the mentions appeared.

Resources and Support

We provide all of the resources and support you need to get the most out of the dashboard and all of its features.

Email Templates

Our simple email templates help you send better feedback requests to your customers. By increasing the positive feedback you get, you can quickly build credibility online.

Feedback Widget

Gather even more feedback by installing our free feedback widget on your site. Making it easier for customers to leave feedback means that they are more likely to do so.

But Wait! We’re Giving You More…

Build a holistic white label reputation management service. We’ll provide you with what you need along the way.

Resources & Support

As a partner, you can count on brandable resources to help sell reputation management services plus operational support for questions!

Email Templates

Make sending feedback requests more personal for customers. Edit feedback email sequences on our online reputation software.

Feedback Widget

Open more opportunities for customers to leave their positive experience by installing the feedback widget on your client’s website

Everything you want to know about white label reputation management software

Gone are the days when word of mouth and simple referral processes decided a business’ fate. A company’s reputation was almost completely out of their hands. All they could do was provide impeccable products and services and hope for the best.


With the advent of the Internet, reputation became much more tangible. Social media and online review platforms such as Yelp or Google Reviews made it easy for customers to express their unbiased opinion. They also opened a possibility of reputation management. Companies can influence the way the public perceives their brand, and there are even white label tools that can help them do that.

What is reputation management?

Reputation management is the practice of influencing the public image of a brand by shaping information about it available online. There are numerous marketing agencies offering this service to their clients and even companies specializing in reputation management.


Since online reputation is a complex thing, reputation management is a complicated process that involves a spectrum of practices and strategies. These are usually interconnected. Some of these tactics are the following:

  • Reviews management and generation

  • Reputation measurement and marketing

  • Social media marketing

  • SEO

  • Customer experience management

Reviews management and generation

Reviews are one of the most crucial aspects of a company’s reputation. They could make or break you. Everyone reads them, and 82% of people say unfavorable online reviews of a company will put them off. That’s why it is extremely important to keep track of those reviews and do everything that’s in your power to make them positive.

Reputation measurement and marketing

It may sound strange, but reputation is largely quantifiable nowadays. With extensive data connected to your brand’s reputation online, marketing agencies devised different metrics and systems to analyze it. The most popular one is the share of voice, which deals with the number of conversations online about your brand.

Social media marketing

As many as 3.09 billion people are active on social media. That is almost half of the world’s population! Businesses largely rely on social media to shape their brand image. That’s why using Facebook, Instagram, and other popular platforms to shape your brand’s reputation and interact with the audience is essential. It is one of the most effective ways to reach prospects and drive traffic to your site.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Making your website SEO-friendly is a must, or else you won’t be visible in search results. Search engine optimization is complex in and of itself, but it’s worth the effort. This is a service that most marketing agencies provide.

Customer experience management (CEM)

Customers appreciate it when a business engages in an open conversation with them. This means you need to actively join online conversations about your brand. 71% of consumers are much more likely to use products or services of a business if it responds directly to their reviews. This includes responding to the negative ones as well (especially them). CEM can do wonders because it allows you to convert the naysayers.

What is reputation management software?

Reputation management is much easier with proper tools. That’s where reputation management software comes into play. It automates the process of analyzing extensive data, gaining valuable insights from it, and using these insights to propel your business. It facilitates taking your reputation into your hands and managing all aspects of your online presence, often through a single platform.

What is white label reputation management software?

Reputation management software is white label if it’s created unbranded. The developers then either send it or “rent” it for a monthly fee to other businesses. These businesses customize it, add their brand’s markings, and resell it as their own. The end-users have no way of knowing that the business did not develop the software themselves.


Reselling white label reputation management software is a triple-win situation. The developer gets a wider audience reach, the reseller offers more services, and the clients get useful tools.

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