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Best Online Reputation Management Services of 2022


We researched and analyzed the best online reputation management services for individuals and small businesses. Read our reviews to discover which company has the right features for you.
Best for Review Management
Key services: Review acquisition, review management, centralized inbox, web chat, feedback and team chat
Best for Individuals
Key services: Brand building, rebranding, brand protection, social profile optimization and review management
Best for Small Businesses
Key services: Online monitoring, content creation, social media, review management, crisis response, positive reputation management and strategic PR
  • Reputation management services employ a combination of strategies to build and maintain a positive reputation or repair a negative one.
  • Common reputation management strategies include content creation, review acquisition and management, social media management, search engine optimization, crisis management, and online monitoring and reporting.
  • Custom reputation management services can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.
  • This article is for professionals and small business owners who want to learn about the best reputation management services available and how to choose an online reputation management service.

Knowing how important an online image is, many businesses and professionals turn to online reputation management companies to repair and/or maintain theirs. To help you choose an online reputation management service that’s right for you, we researched and analyzed more than 40 services. To select the services we think are best, we looked at various factors, including cost and contract length, their specific services, and whether they use black-hat tactics. Read on to learn about the best reputation management companies for individuals and small businesses.

If you want more tips on how to choose a reputation management company for your brand, check out our buyer’s guide.


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Podium: Best for Review Management

Podium focuses on review acquisition and management. It works with all businesses, regardless of size or industry, to improve and streamline their online review process. Its primary benefit is the ability to centralize reviews from all review websites, like Google and Facebook, into one location. From the management software, you can send review requests, share reviews on the platforms you choose, and promptly respond to reviews that need immediate attention.

You can also take advantage of a centralized inbox. The Podium platform compiles your messages from several locations – such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, text messages and your website – into one location. You can filter conversations, set automated responses and improve response time. You can also integrate Podium’s chat widget onto your website, giving customers the option to communicate with you by text.


Gadook: Best for Individuals

Gadook is a full-service inbound marketing and reputation management company. It offers reputation services for individuals such as company presidents, CEOs and founders. Its primary reputation management services are brand building, rebranding, brand protection, social media optimization and review management.

To determine which of these services you need, Gadook analyzes your current online reputation. Based on what it discovers, the agency implements a specific plan to either repair a negative online image or boost and maintain a positive one. Its strategies include creating positive, search-optimized content to push negative content off the first few pages of the search results.

Gadook customizes pricing for each business depending on the strategies it employs. Although the company does not require a long-term contract, it recommends you stick with its campaign for at least three to six months to achieve the desired results.

Gadook offers additional marketing services, such as web marketing, web design and development, project management, system administration, and senior-level participation. These services cost $80 per hour. Gadook representatives are available to answer questions by phone, online contact form or web chat form.


WebiMax: Best for Small Businesses

WebiMax is a digital marketing agency that provides a host of online reputation management services, including content creation, online monitoring, social media monitoring, review generation and management, crisis response, brand preservation, positive reputation promotion, and strategic PR. WebiMax conducts an initial analysis of your brand’s online reputation and then works with your company to develop a strategy to meet your brand’s specific needs. The company assigns you a dedicated project manager to inform you of your campaign’s progress each step of the way.

Pricing for WebiMax’s reputation management services is based on the specific strategies your business needs. The agency doesn’t require any long-term contracts, working instead on a month-to-month basis, which allows the flexibility to change strategies at any time.

WebiMax offers a wide range of other digital marketing services, including lead generation, local marketing, online PR, pay-per-click (PPC) marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing and web design. The company’s website offers helpful resources such as blogs, whitepapers and FAQs. For additional questions or support, you can contact WebiMax agents by phone, email, live chat or contact form.



While some companies have service plans with a set monthly cost, most online reputation management companies customize pricing, because not all businesses have the same reputation management needs. Most providers conduct a free initial analysis to see which strategies your business can benefit from the most. Based on that information, they build a campaign package for your specific needs.

The costs for reputation management services can be anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month. It all depends on the type of work you need done. Some of these services require a three-, six- or 12-month contract, while others work on a month-to-month basis that allows you to cancel at any time. 

Key takeaway: Reputation management services’ prices are often customized and range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars per month.


Reputation management is the strategic monitoring and implementation of tactics to promote positive online content and suppress negative online content. These tactics can include any combination of content creation, review acquisition and management, social media marketing, search engine optimization, crisis management, content removal, public relations, and online monitoring.

Consumers go online to read about new products, vent about unsatisfactory services, and interact with their favorite brands’ social media accounts. To ensure that the information being spread about you is positive, it is important to facilitate reputation management tactics – or hire a service to do it for you.

Key takeaway: Reputation management is a combination of strategies (e.g., content creation, review monitoring, social media management) to build and maintain a positive reputation or repair a negative one.


Online reputation management services employ multiple strategies to boost a brand’s online image. These are the most common ones:

Content Creation

Creating positive content is one of the best ways to suppress negative search results and build an online reputation that you can control. Most reputation management agencies offer some form of content creation, including websites, articles, blog posts, wiki sites, press releases, business profiles and business listings.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)  Reputation management companies can help you optimize your online content for search engines. They make sure your content has the right keywords, metadata, and headlines to give it the best chance of being seen when people search for your business or businesses in your industry.

Review Acquisition and Management

Online reputation management services can help you acquire and manage reviews on various platforms like Google, Facebook and Yelp. They reach out to your previous customers to acquire new reviews, send auto-responses and promote positive reviews. If you receive a negative review, they can respond to it on your behalf or quickly notify you to remedy the situation. Some companies focus specifically on review acquisition and management strategies as their primary means of reputation management. They provide a platform where you can manage every review-related task in one place.

Social Media Management

Online reputation management companies can create social media accounts on the sites that are most relevant to your business (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest) and then monitor and manage those accounts. This includes setting up profiles for you on all relevant social channels, deciding what and when to post on those networks, and monitoring them for negative reviews. Active social profiles are a good way to promote your brand as well as to manage negative social comments. 

Crisis Management

Not all reputation management companies offer crisis management services, but it can be helpful when you are the target of a reputation attack. Some strategies they may implement to quickly improve your reputation are content removal or suppression, press releases, and positive content creation.

Online Monitoring and Reporting

Online reputation management companies can monitor other websites, blogs, forums, and news sites to see if people mention your business. They look at review sites like Yelp and Glassdoor, as well as any other websites or blogs where your business is being discussed. This ensures you know when people are talking about your business online and what they are saying. The companies can also monitor your reputation results and report back on how the campaigns are faring. They report information such as how your search results have improved and what social media and review sites are most beneficial for your business.

Key takeaway: Reputation management companies can implement a variety of strategies to improve or maintain your brand image, like creating content for you, building and managing your social media profiles, acquiring and managing reviews of your company, and monitoring your results.


Reputation management companies provide a variety of services for businesses and individuals, including SEO, content development, social media creation and monitoring, review acquisition and management, and third-party website monitoring. However, your brand is unique, and your reputation management strategy should be too.

When choosing an online reputation management service for your business or individual reputation, you need to factor in things like your budget, the features you want and the quality of the customer support. First, evaluate your current reputation in comparison to your ideal reputation. Are you repairing a negative online reputation, maintaining your current one or creating a completely new one? Which platforms would you like help managing? For example, maybe your website needs a revamp, your social media needs enhancement, or your company needs more reviews.

You will also want to look for a company that can work within your anticipated timeframe and provides the level of customer support you need. Is this a two-month project, or will you need ongoing review maintenance? The level (and frequency) of the support you want should factor into your decision.

Once you list everything you want an online reputation management company to accomplish for you, seek out trustworthy companies that specialize in those areas.

Best Online Reputation Management Companies

Working with a reliable online reputation management agency helps you build trust and boost profitability. There are different online reputation management services to choose from, depending on your needs and industry. At the same time, some firms are SEO reputation management experts while others are full-service digital marketing specialists. If you’re wondering which online reputation management companies to consider, refer to our ORM companies list below. SEOblog provides a shortlist of the best reputation management companies to businesses in need of SEO reputation management, review response, online reputation repair and the like. Our reputation management experts assessed and ranked reputation management agencies based on several factors. These include web presence, hourly and monthly pricing, number of employees and ORM services. Find your best match using our efficient algorithm and start establishing your reputation in no time.

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